Lights Fill the Park for the Holidays 2014
Sam's Truck keeps watch in the morning sun in front of the Walton 5-10, Walmart Museum on Bentonville Square.
The dark trees shadow against the sky like dark smoke hovering over the warm light of the fountain.
Like a the negative space of an invisible inverted vortex, the lights of cars stream around the fountain under a fading cobalt sky.
It was a "training wheels" Kind of Day on the Crystal Bridges Trail.
Kids Pose by the Water
Pastel Flowers Fill the Garden at the Peel Mansion
Street performers draw a crowd as they complete their act in front of the courthouse.
Now is not the time for cold feet.
Putting art out in public exposes art to people that would not otherwise expose themselves to it. :-)
A saw someone comment on that this image must have been from a long time ago. Snow can make places timeless.
The Fountain and Walmart Visitor's Center