Music radiates in the Blue Fog of the Night. Radioactive fixtures on creatures adds a colored light.
NuPenny's Last Stand by Randy Regier took it's place as a part of the show in Downtown Bentonville, AR.
The Sanderson's Meal Pop Team getting ready for a train ride.
Architect Moshe Safdie at Crystal Bridges
Fire at Night by Electric Light - People arrive to gather by the Bucky Ball at Crystal Bridges like campers to an electric fire in the night.
In it’s final sigh, slipping into warm slumber there is a whisper “I long for you”. The sun will embrace her again at dawn.
Black Hole Sun - The ever changing color of Skyspace matches whits with the transforming hue of the day's bookends.
Silhouettes in the Vortex enjoy the evening
Trail Synergy at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
I shot this just as an announcement was made that touching the foam was not advised. haha... timing.
A Bridge Illuminated - Crystal Bridges in the Twilight Snow
Snow Covers Crystal Bridges
Now is not the time for cold feet.